SHARING is what makes HAPPINESS complete

The youth initiative “SHARING is what makes HAPPINESS COMPLETE” is supported by Youth in Action 1.2 program it lasts for 9 months and is aiming to apply and make popular a new and quite attractive form for social integration of young people with physical disabilities and the local youth volunters - “communication based on adventure & solidarity”.

The focus of the project is to create the tool for outdoor transportation for youth with phisical disabilities,

to realize three big outdoor voluntary actions (demonstrations and expeditions) for “communication based on joy & solidarity” in various regions of the country;

to attract, inspire and join to that idea many other youth teams and organizations all over the country;

to initiate and run an active voluntary community for “communication based on adventure & solidarity” in Bulgaria by attractive printed materials, dynamic web platform (e-forum, resources, callendar of events, blog sections, gallery)

to promote and involve more youth teams and volunteers via series of national virtual campaigns for inspiration and mobilization.

In such a way we would like to inspire a new dialogue and interaction for sharing, expansion and mutual enrichment of the horizons of the young people with physical disabilities and their coevals from Sofia and the country.


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